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Hey there! I'm Avishay, a live concerts photographer and a music composer, Sound designer, mixing & recording engineer who loves creating  music.

My whole world revolves around the thrilling combination of photos and composing music. When I'm at a live concert, I'm in my zone, capturing the energy and raw emotions with my camera. It's like freezing those incredible moments in time, so others can feel the music through my photos. On top of that, I'm also a musician who loves to craft melodies, Scores and soundscapes that tell stories.


Creating music scores is my way of pouring out my own emotions and connecting with others through beautiful sounds.

I'm all about finding the perfect harmony between my two passions and constantly exploring new ways to blend them together.

Collaborating with fellow artists, both visually and musically, is what keeps my creative fire burning.

My ultimate goal is to inspire people, touch their hearts, and leave a lasting impression in the vibrant world of visual and auditory art.

My Music

When I was just a little kid,

I got my hands on a guitar and fell in love with music.

It was like a magical spell that I couldn't resist.

As I grew up, that passion only got stronger.

I decided to take my musical journey to the next level and enrolled in music college.  I got to learn from some incredible teachers and explore all kinds of musical styles. It was during this time that I realized my true passion: creating music. I found myself gravitating towards composing music for video games, where I could craft soundtracks that transport players to another world.I also had the incredible opportunity to compose music for movies. Collaborating with filmmakers and bringing their stories to life through music was a whole new level of excitement and creativity. Along the way, I also had the chance to work with talented artists,

helping them produce their songs and bring their visions to life. 

constantly pushing the boundaries of my creativity and exploring new musical horizons. I'm truly inspired by the way music can stir up emotions and transport people to different places. So, I keep on composing, 

My Photos

I've always been obsessed with photography and the breathtaking beauty of nature.

So, one day, I decided to grab a camera and dive into capturing those incredible scenes.

Music has always been a big part of my life too.

There's something about being a concert photographer. The energy, the vibes, the crowd—it's all there, right in front of me.

I live for those epic moments when the music hits its peak, the crowd goes wild, and I click that shutter, capturing the madness and the magic forever.

capturing the energy and emotion of musicians and their devoted fans through the lens of my camera, is a thrilling and fulfilling experience. 

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